Rsqrd AI is a community of AI builders who are committed to making AI technology robust + responsible.

Rsqrd AI events serve as a way to share and collaborate on the development of best practices for building AI systems at enterprise scale. We are a community of AI builders - engineers, scientists, product managers, and various other stakeholders building solutions with AI. We created this community in June of 2019 with the goal of bringing together AI builders who develop, deploy, and operate AI for enterprises. As of today, we held over a dozen of in-person and virtual events, featuring speakers from industry and academia, and attracting over 1000 AI builders to come together for learning and networking.

What is “robust + responsible” AI?

Robust and responsible AI is about building systems that work and the impact that system makes on society. When building AI that is robust, it’s building AI systems that maintain their integrity even under the worst conditions and are reliable, concrete, and consistent. Being responsible is viewing the system from a human angle and taking accountability of the impact on people and the community.

Why is it important?

With more and more enterprises adopting and using AI, it’s become critical to build AI that is robust and responsible. There has been exponential growth and interest in AI research and technology within the past decade. The potential for this tech is incredible, but there are unprecedented challenges in harnessing this technology and research into practice and controlling the large impact these enterprises make on the greater community.

Leading this new age of AI development in enterprise is robust + responsible AI: building reliable systems that can be put into production and create a positive impact on society.


  • Provide an open and inclusive platform for discussion & engagement for AI builders
  • Develop and share best practices for building robust + responsible AI
  • Advance public understanding of enterprise AI


  • We believe AI building efforts must engage a broad range of stakeholders, technical and non-technical, from a diverse set of backgrounds and opinions
  • We believe AI systems must be understandable and interpretable by people who operate them, as well as people who are impacted by the decisions of these systems
  • We strive to create a culture of cooperation, trust, and transparency among AI builders and stakeholders to maximize the benefits and adoption of the technology

This community would not exist without the incredible speakers who shared learnings, best practices and know-hows:

This community is organized in collaboration and with sponsorship from: Allen Institute for AI & WhyLabs.

Interested in collaborating, giving a talk or launching a chapter in your city? Please reach out at: hello@rsqrdai.org.