Rsqrd is a community of AI builders [engineers, scientists, product managers, etc] who are committed to making AI technology robust & responsible. We regularly organize community events to share knowledge and collaborate on best practices for enterprise-scale AI development. Rsqrd brings together AI builders across AI-focused enterprises:

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It's extremely difficult to anticipate all the ways a user might want to interact with an open-ended conversational interface. The good news is that you don't have to. Conversational driven development is a framework that can be used to both improve the developer experience and create more inclusive, robust conversational interfaces. Join us with Rachael Tatman, Senior Developer Advocate @ Rasa, where we'll walk through the conversational driven development process and its benefits and drawbacks!

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Curating a dataset for ML applications involves decisions that are prone to subjectivity, which poses both ethical and technical issues. After creating datasets and running them through a model, there aren't many best practices on error analysis to better understand systematic behavior in NLP. Join us for a conversation on strategies for being a critical consumer and producer of datasets and operationalizing linguistically informed error analysis in various NLP applications!

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